Video Projects

As well as taking photos, what drives me to take more photos is my appetite for Time-Lapse. In the last 10 years I have time lapsed in these location, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Berlin, Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Canarvon, Kholak, Phuket, Langkawai, Penang, Budapest, Vienna, Paris, New Orleans, Las Vegas to name a few. How many did you recognize in this video? Now to ensure I shoot at least once a week I have a day put aside to work on my person time-lapse projects it called Timelapse Thursday!

2021 Is the 10th anniversary of me shooting time-lapse videos with my still camera. I made a little video of my work. I tried to add variety not just what I like the most. I didn't want just star shots so I tried to really mix it up. 10 Years of Time-lapse by #MrJDBush, shot on Nikon gear, a D5000, D7000, D750, D810, Z6

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